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With its unique caterpillar track system the TURFBOARD is able to traverse most grass slopes, giving the rider a high degree of control over speed and direction. Limited only by the rider’s imagination and nerve each ride can be both exhilarating and challenging. Long grass, short grass, parkland, pastureland, all are easy prey for the TURFBOARD which can weave its descent carving different routes each time, and all without damaging the grass.

The caterpillar track system has been in existence for several years, during which it has undergone vigorous tests to prove its ability and durability. The nylon and stainless steel construction makes for all weather performance and ease of maintenance. All friction is internal and as such there is no wear on the grass, thus causing no damage. With having a curved bottom rail this means that if you edge the TURFBOARD then the curvature becomes the circumference of your turning circle, thus allowing the board to carve turns down the hillside.

The TURFBOARD comes with a tow cord which, as with some of the early snowboards (Winterstick), helps to control the board when descending. By displacing your weight on to your rear foot you can pivot and turn the board with the aid of the cord. A further use for the tow cord is to control the speed of the board. By dropping the tail and raising the nose of the board the normal smooth running system becomes more uneven, hence slowing the board (Excessive braking will result in the wear of the black nylon insert, but this can easily be replaced).

The TURFBOARD can achieve great speeds and if this and the exhilarating runs are not enough then jumps and aerials are possible. By attaching a loop binding to the rear of the TURFBOARD you will be able to secure your rear foot. The tension from the tow cord will keep your front foot on the board, thus allowing you to leave the ground in unison with the board, but also allows you to release the board when you wipe out.

The deck is made from marine birch plywood coated with a durable polyurethane finish. The upper surface comes with a non-slip finish to aid grip during those precarious moments. The deck measures 96cm in length so as to accommodate the wide stances associated with some snowboarders and surfers.
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